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Clean and free energy

      Vishwjeet is committed to empowering people with their clean, low-investment, free-to-use renewable energy solutions for a healthier, more sustainable future. Vishwjeet's continuous innovation of advanced, eco-friendly and economically viable sources of renewable energy allows it to customise according to the needs of every user..

Vishwjeet Vision

To have 70 percent of the water pumping systems across the world running on solar energy resources by 2025.
About us

Vishwjeet was formed in 2009 anticipating the future need for renewable sources of energy in a world faced with the dilemma of fast-depleting fossil fuels. The importance of using pioneering solar energy as the primary source of power for the Indian farmers led us to create our dual products – Jai and Kisan – in February 2013.

Focussing on every farmer's particular need, our range of solar water pumping systems caters to various three-phase AC pumps. Vishwjeet has also invented the next-generation solar inverters and solar LED lights.

All of Vishwjeet's products are invented, developed and manufactured in India .

Solar water pump

Vishwjeet’s solar pump controllers for existing motors:

Kisan: 1 HP to 50 HP for three-phase pumps

Also, solar photovoltaic (SPV) water pumping system for AC induction motor up to 50 HP.