1. Water Pumps:

Vishwjeet's solar pump controllers for existing motors is:
Kisan: 1 HP to 50 HP for three-phase pumps

2. Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) water pumping system for AC induction motors:

• Vishwjeet also manufactures solar photovoltaic (SPV) water pumping systems for AC induction motor up to 50 HP called 'Kisan 1' for higher capacity usage. The company simplifies renewable energy products by making people the centre of its entire "cycle of care," whether it is amongst the farming community or in urban residential societies. It operates in the renewable energy segment including solar water pumping system and solar inverters. With a strong drive to achieve growth for the emerging markets, Vishwjeet announced the solar pumping system designed for emerging markets; its 'Kisan 1' in India. This series of new portable, compact solar pumping system provides a reliable, yet affordable means to use solar energy for providing water to farmers. Vishwjeet also expanded its solar water pumping system business to cater to the high-growth economy segment.

3. LED Lighting

• Vishwjeet, the country's advanced LED lighting company is in the sunrise domain of Solar LED lamps, LED tubelights and LED streetlights. Today, as an emerging leader in the area of renewable power for domestic and industrial use, Vishwjeet is driving the switch to energy-efficient solutions. With worldwide electrical lighting using 19 percent of all electricity, the use of energy-efficient lighting will significantly reduce energy consumption around the world and thereby cut back harmful carbon dioxide emissions. The enterprise has been consistently working with industry bodies such as University of Pune's Energy department, the National Science and Park Technology and NGOs, to address India's power crisis by promoting energy-efficient LED lighting in India.
Vishwjeet thus provides advanced energy-efficient solutions for all segments such as lighting for townships, offices and industries, for the hospitality industry and for domestic use.