Why Us?

Manufacturing units working on solar-powered equipment for everyday utilities are considered sunrise industries across the world today. While bringing electricity to all the rural areas in India is yet to become an immediate reality, the freely available solar energy can be harnessed and put to use in these townships.
The opportunity and likely gains are substantial, bringing about true transformation in society through low-carbon emissions during energy generation, thus bringing about sustainable development that mitigates the danger of global warming in future.
Such a long-term integrated view, keeping in mind the global dynamics of the solar industry has been evolved by Vishwjeet. Interacting with serious industry players and backed by latest technology and a robust R & D unit focussing on innovation, we encourage setting up of an ecosystem of solar industries for a cleaner Earth.

Company Profile

India is still largely an agrarian economy. A large section of its demography is rooted in the villages, where farmers toil under the scorching sun and face inadequate conditions of water and electricity. Vishwjeet was thus formed in 2009 with the idea of opening up a new avenue for the Indian farmer to allow them the use of clean, renewable energy to draw water from existing borewells or underground water systems.
Founded with its heart set on the right path, having the requisite knowledge and building on our capability to innovate, Vishwjeet endeavours for the sons of the soil to turn to clean, free and renewable means as its primary sources of energy. Technology is now available to those who require it most, in their hour of need.
With this in mind, Vishwjeet innovated and developed two kinds of solar water pumping systems – 'Jai' and 'Kisan' – for single-phase and three-phase AC pumps in February of 2013.
Recently, Vishwjeet has taken another leap in this niche domain; it has also invented the next-generation solar inverters and solar LED lights. Electricity will thus be renewable and become a more sustainable resource, thereby reducing India's carbon footprint.
Vishwjeet Green Power Technology Private Limited, the India-based company, is a leader in renewable energy. Today, Vishwjeet is a simpler and more focussed company with global leadership positions in key markets of solar photovoltaic (SPV) water pumping systems for AC Induction Motor, Solar Inverter and Solar LED Lights, addressing people's needs and aspirations as its overarching theme.
Vishwjeet, a renewable energy company, aims to improve people's lives through timely innovations. As a world leader in equipment using renewable energy, Vishwjeet integrates technologies and designs people-centric solutions, based on fundamental customer insights and the brand promise of 'Clean and Free Energy'.
As a fast-emerging brand, Vishwjeet has practically become a part of every Indian's life. It stands as a source of easy-to-use, trendy and internationally acclaimed products with superior design and technology that enhance the quality of consumers' professional and personal lives. Operating in India for about a decade now, the company has an excellent pan-India distribution and after-sales service network.


Vishwjeet is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in all aspects of its business such as its products, manufacturing, procurement, as well as in communities where the company acts and in the working practices of its employees. All Vishwjeet products go through an EcoDesign process, identifying their environmental impact in terms of energy efficiency, hazardous substances, take-back and recycling, weight and lifetime reliability.
Environment-friendly products that run on the motto of clean and free energy is how Vishwjeet contributes to a sustainable and healthy earth.